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Firstly, the obvious answer is “EAT!!” but eating the wrong foods may make you have a turn for the worse, (or worse than the current situation).

When you are in serious need of food, choose fat. The chance of you overeating is high because your body is in a state of fight or flight and it thinks there is a famine. As a result, as soon as you get your hands onto food, you are biologically programmed to shove as much food in a possible before the next famine. Fat, however, can help reduce the chance of you overeating because it turns off your hunger hormones in the brain. E.g. avocado, pesto (be careful of bad oils in store bought ones!), eggs, nuts and seeds, tahini, nut butter, coconut. Try our coconut chicken balls, avocado pesto, spicy almonds , egg baked in avo

Sugar, however, will make you go uphill for a second, and then straight downhill and you’ll end up eating even more and will probably feel sick soon after. Sugar has no ‘off’ switch in your brain so you will be able to continue to eat, and eat and EAT! All this sugar will also be dumped on your liver and stored directly as fat.

Choose protein. Protein will give you stable, long lasting energy and help to fill you up much faster than carbs (veggies) and sugar. For example egg, chicken, beef, lamb, cashews

Remember that opting for 3 big, satiating meals a day is a much better option for most people than snacking all day long. You are more likely to sit and eat for the duration of your meal (unlike snacking on the go all day), you’ll be able to listen to your body for it’s hunger/fullness cues and it’s MUCH friendly on your digestive system. PLUS if you are having 3 large meals with a good amount of fat in them, the likelihood of you becoming hangry soon after is very slim.

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