Preparation time:

2 minutes + 1 hour freezing time

Seasonings used:


Did you know that the average vanilla ice cream has 21g of sugar per 100g? And that’s BEOFRE you all your sprinkles, chocolate sauce and leftover cookie dough. Make a healthy swap for frozen yoghurt mixed with Stella for an easy, delicious, health and filling desert. You’ll be having just 3.2g of sugar per 100g (which is lactose anyway) when you make the swap to full fat Greek yoghurt. We love using coconut yoghurt for a dairy free alternative.

    What you need:
  • 250g of yoghurt (greek or coconut)
  • 4 tsp Stella Coconut and Cacao Seasoning
    How to make:
  • Mix the yoghurt and the Stella Coconut and Cacao Seasoning together in a bowl. Transfer to icey pole moulds and let freeze.
  • Serve as a healthy summer treat!