Preparation time:

15 mins

Seasonings used:

Siena, Sammy, Sass, Sofia, Sahara,

We know that we aren’t the only ones that get to the shredded stage of looking in the fridge and seeing limp carrots and random bits of veggies everywhere. No one likes to just throw away that food (and money!) so we have created you a pretty simple formula to create a tasty dish using those scraps and some Mingle!

Serves 1.

    What you need:
  • A bunch of leftover random veggies from your fridge (cooked or raw). Try and get a little of everything- so some greens, more starchy veggies and something for a base like onion, garlic or a leek
  • Some crunch. We love a handful of seeds/nuts
  • Some fat. Hello Avo and olive oil!
  • Some protein (if you have any). Eggs, canned sustainably caught fish, leftover meat
  • Coconut or olive oil
  • Your favourite Mingle seasoning(s)!
    How to make:
  • Chop up all your veggies and set aside.
  • Heat 1 tbsp olive or coconut oil in a fry pan and add your onion/leek/garlic base along with those veggies that take the longest to cook (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato). Add 2 tbsp ofyour Mingle seasoning(s).
  • Sauté until beginning to soften and then add your other veggies that take a medium amount of time to cook. Once everything is nearly cooked, add those remaining veggies that don’t take much time (spinach, kale, broccoli, beans etc).
  • Once all the veggies are softened, mix through any already cooked veggies you had leftover. Sprinkle with some crunch, and drizzle with olive oil.
  • Serve with some fat (avocado, tahini, yoghurt, cheese) and protein if you want. If you don’t have any leftover meat, add some extra fat.