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Most products these days contain man-made, synthetic and toxic ingredients. From the never ending list of names of sugar to the toxic vegetable oils. We believe that awareness is the first step in becoming a healthy and better version of yourself. However, we also understand how confusing all the information is out there!

Don’t fret though, we have compiled all our research into a very simple infographic that you can use when you go shopping.

Here are JUST 4 reasons vegetable oils are so bad for you.

  1. They are toxic to our arteries
  2. They disrupt basic functions like blood circulation 
  3. They are harmful to our brain
  4. Cheap and are highly processed. They act as fillers in many processed foods in cakes, crackers, corn chips, hummus, pesto, sauces. They are used in these foods because they are a cheap ingredient and do not have a distinct taste.

Healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and sesame oil are:

  • Heart-healthy and are anti-inflammatory to our body.
  • They have a long history of safe and healthful use. Coconut oil is the most stable of all oils.

When choosing any oil always try to get unrefined and cold-pressed.

Olive oil – best to put on veggies after you’ve cooked them you can absorb the nutrients

Coconut oil – perfect for cooking at high heat

Sesame oil – perfect for the occasional stir fry

Avocado oil – great tasting oil for a salad dressing