Healthy Swaps

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We all have cravings, it’s part of life and part of being a WOMAN! However, it can actually be a sign from our body that it is lacking in certain vitamins. Instead of reaching for a burger, reach for something healthier that will kerb the vitamin deficiency your body is telling you about and won’t make you feel sick after.

Burger- swap for a grass fed beef burger with a mushroom or sweet potato bun

Sweet things/chocolate – Make some homemade chocolate like our bark  and enjoy it with nuts and seeds or try toasting some coconut chips sprinkled with cinnamon at 150c for 5-7 minutes. Also, reaching for a bowl of coyo coconut yoghurt with some berries and cinnamon is a perfect sweet treat

Oily foods – Roast up some veggies covered in olive oil at 180c with some Mingle seasoning. The more olive oil the better (it’s good for ya! and will kerb the craving)! Or, steam some greens and douse in olive oil, salt and pepper

Carbs – Try a big bowl of zoodles with bolognese or our dairy free carbonara . If you don’t want zoodles (zucchini noodles), then reach for some chickpea pasta to up your protein. Other options like healthy pancakes with lots of healthy fats will curb those cravings!

Mashed potatoes – The ultimate comfort food right? Swap it for cauliflower mash with lots of ghee and even some coconut cream!

Fries – Swap it for sweet potato chips cooked in olive oil with salt, pepper and rosemary. OR use regular potatoes baked in olive oil with salt, pepper and rosemary.

Remember that adequate sleep will also help to stop any cravings. Research has shown that sleep deprivation leads to the suppression of leptin (the hormone that signals your brain to stop eating) and increased levels of ghrelin (your hunger hormone) so it just results in a whole lot of overeating.
Instead, have a nap or a deep restorative medi and THEN tune into your body and see what you are truely craving.