Bloated? Try these 5 things to help.

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We all go through those that shitty moments when you are bloated for no real reason and it usually falls around the same time you need your stomach to be as flat as a pancake. We got you’re back 😉

Bloating can happen as a result of many things not just something you ate. Stress is a big factor along with changes in your environment, sitting all day or being a bit bound up.

Try these 5 things to help reduce bloating

1. Peppermint tea – this is our #1 go to!

2. Psyllium husks help to get things moving down there. Just add a tablespoon to some pancakes, stir it through your porridge or sneaking it into some homemade bread

3. Tumeric – what can’t turmeric do?! Add it to some scrambled eggs, your homemade raw hot chocolate, in a soup or throw it in a curry

4. Ginger is awesome at helping digestion. Add it to your eggs, in a stir fry, through a soup or curry

5. Go for a walk. Getting things moving can help you to pass any gas and help your stomach to feel better