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With 2017 officially back in full swing, school is back in action, work has already got you overloaded with deadlines and uni is about to start back. Getting kitchen savvy is a priority in order to stay functional, healthy and living your best life.

We have put together our top 7 cooking utensils that should be ready for action in your kitchen morning and night!

  1. A good double steamer. Although microwaves can be very convenient and useful for last minute feeds, avoiding them where possible is always preferable. Invest in a good sized double steamer that can have you cookin’ your broc like no-ones business!
  2. A chef’s knife. While you might be inclined to buy the cheapest knife on the market, this can make cooking laborious and like a death trap (quite literally!). A good knife shouldn’t have your onion sliding around the bench and is actually much safer than a dull, blunt knife. Plus it will get your veggies chopped in half the time! Winning!
  3. A flat edged wooden spoon. These make making mince dishes all the faster. You can easily bash the mince meat into finer bits for a more even consistency of meat throughout your dish. No-one is after a giant clump of beef mince randomly in their spag bol …. plus it means the mince will cook faster and more easily! Hello dinner in 15!
  4. A good spatula with a blade on the end. We are big fans of NOT using non-stick pans because of the harmful chemicals in them…while sometimes the sticky-ness of a regular pan can be annoying, having a good quality spatula with a blade on the end makes all the difference! Plus it means you can do a good job of scraping off those crispy bits!
    Check out this one from Williams Sonoma.
  5. Stainless steal slotted spoon. If you aren’t already the master of poaching eggs, you will be soon! This is an essential for my routinely perfect poached eggs every morning.
  6. A box grater. While some people may struggle to get their intake of veggies each day, grating them is a fantastic way to incorporate them into every meal! Think grated zucchini and carrot with any mince dish, grated ginger for your stir fry’s, grated broccoli for your omelette and even grated sweet potato rice! Just don’t grate your finger…no one likes to find a chewy bit in their dinner.
  7. A baking tray. For all those one tray bakes that save tonnes of time in the kitchen!


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