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Whilst yoghurt and granola might sound like a healthy option, unless your yoghurt is homemade or has 2 ingredients (milk and bacteria), we can almost guarantee you that it ain’t so great for the system. Here are some of the additives that we found in the yoghurt being sold in Australian supermarkets. Check out the ingredients below we think you should be aware of and finally our top picks next time you’re buying Yoghurt!

Potassium sorbate:
Potential effects: include allergic reactions, hay fever, asthma, headache, hyperactivity, skin irritation, stomach upset

Also found in cosmetics and sunscreen

Derived from: petroleum !!!!

Potential effects: anaphylaxis, asthma, prohibited in foods for infant, urticarial (nettle rash or hives)

Also found in cosmetics, lipstick, mascara, tablets, beverages, biscuits, desserts, bakery products

Derived from: animals and insects

Possible effects: diabetes, insulin problems, obesity, brain fog, loss of vitality, hyperactivity, basically everything
Annatto extracts: (160b/E160)
Potential effects: a headache, hypertension, may cause irritability, prohibited in foods for infants, restlessness, sleep disturbance, nettle rash or hives

Also found in beverages, cereals, ice cream, dairy products, cosmetics and soap

Derived from: Possible GMO’s

Sucralose (955/E955)
Potential effects: caused shrunken thymus glands and enlarged liver and kidneys in animals, may cause headaches and migraine, may cause skin rashes, prohibited in foods for infants, weak mutagen

Also found in soft drink and confectionary

Derived from: Synthetic materials and made from sugar and chlorine!  (YUCK!)

The solution? Always go for FULL FAT Greek Yoghurt that has nothing else besides milk and the bacteria in the ingredients. Also, the sugar should always be 4.7g/100g or less as that is just the lactose, not fructose. Anything more is added sugar. Also, anything that is ‘fat-free’ will contain additives and sugars to help it taste better.

Good choices include Jalna biodynamic organic yoghurtCoyo natural flavour (for dairy free friends!), Chobani full-fat yoghurt, Farmers union Greek Style yoghurt, and Jalna Greek Style yoghurt