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Did you know that there’s sugar even in SAVOURY crackers? Manufacturers like to reach that ‘bliss point’ so we keep coming back for more. Here are some more of the hidden nasties…

Vegetable oil
Read our stance on vegetable oil here 

Disodium 5′ – guanylate (E627)
This acts as a flavour enhancer and is best avoided
Potential effects – allergic reactions, behavioural problems, headache, heart palpitations, itchy skin rashes, should be avoided by asthmatics and people with gout or kidney disease, swelling of the lips and tongue
Also found in – party pies, flavoured chips, instant noodles, packet or canned soups, party pies, stock cubes

Even in savoury crackers, producers still add in sugar so that the crackers reach our ‘bliss point’ which is the point in our brain that triggers the sugar cravings so we end up finding ourselves eating the whole packet. While they might not taste sweet, the point isn’t to make them sweet – it is to balance the sweet and salty at the perfect point where our brain is triggered and makes us want to continue to eat and buy the product.  Sneaky, huh?

Vegetable shortening
Same effects as vegetable oil

Next time you go to pick up a box of crackers, look at the ingredients and think about the other hundreds of packets on the shelf – how can something made at that quantity sitting on the shelf for that long be good for you?

So what to choose instead?
Choose crackers that are made locally by small companies – chances are they are made in a better environment and by hand!
Choose crackers with the least ingredients and no preservatives, numbers, sugar or vegetable oil (highly toxic!!!!)

These are some great brands:

Fine Fettle
Mary’s Gone Crackers
Herbs of Life flax crackers